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Experience and quality in the genetic diagnostics field

CIDEGEN, S.L. is a biomedical company with extensive experience in the field of molecular diagnostics in the area of Hemato-oncology.

CIDEGEN was launched in 2011 and is composed of a multidisciplinary team of specialists in molecular diagnostics, with extensive experience and high professional qualification, which allows to offer a personalized advice in each study.

We have central services equipped with equipments and technology of last generation that allow us to realise the more modern techniques of molecular diagnosis, offering service at international level, since much of the studies are requested from Latin America.

Our Mission:

In CIDEGEN, efforts are made to improve the quality of life of patients in a wide range of medical tets (hematological, oncological, Genetic …), providing comprehensive and specialized care at the level of the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Offering continuous improvement processes with an interdisciplinary team of high quality, committed to patient safety, scientific and academic development, aimed at providing exemplary service to both the patient and the family.

We believe in a company-patient differential alliance that eliminates existing barriers, creating new opportunities from which we benefit both collectives.


  • Teamwork: It is the union of forces, knowledge and disposition to achieve a common goal; with a fluent communication and a serious commitment among its members.
  • Social responsibility: showing actions under the principles of social responsibility, and promoting a project to respond to a social problem in a sustainable way.
  • Talent and Innovation: We believe in the transformer power of a human team with talent, motivation and passion for their work. We always seek excellence and motivation in our employees and scientific collaborators.
  • A global and competitive company: CIDEGEN is a company that competes in the international market.