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Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is manifested by progressive accumulation in the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic tissues of morphologically mature lymphocytes but immature immunologically. The CLL is an incurable disease that affects people over 60 years (median age 70 years; only 20% are under 65), being extremely rare in children, stands out as unique among malignancies derived from mature B lymphocytes. The most common chromosomal abnormalities of B-CLL are deletions in the 13q14 region (45% of cases), followed by trisomy of chromosome 12 , deletions at 11q23 (ATM), 17p13.1 (TP53) and 6q21 chromosomal regions.

13q14, D13S25 3q27, BCL6 Chr. 12 14q32 - IGH 11q22.3 - ATM 17p13 - P53