Hibridación “in situ” (FISH) LÍderes en el análisis FISH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1p36 Gen: MEGF6, TP73 Patología: Glioma, Neuroblastoma 1p32 Gen: SIL-TAL1 Patología: Leucemia 1p32 Gen: CDKN2C Patología: Mieloma Múltiple 1q21 Gen: CKS1B Patología: Mieloma Múltiple 1q25 Gen: ABL2, ANGPTL1 Patología: Glioma, Neuroblastoma 2p24 Gen: N-MYC Patología: Neuroblastoma 2p23 …

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12q14, MDM2

MDM2 amplification, (12q13-14) Liposarcoma is a malignancy of fat cells. In adults, it is the most common soft tissue sarcoma. The most recent World Health Organization classification of soft tissue tumors recognizes 5 categories of liposarcomas: well differentiated liposarcoma (WDLS), which includes the adipocytic, sclerosing, and inflammatory subtypes. dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DDLS) myxoid liposarcoma (MXLS) round …

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